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Helen’s list of favorite Brooklyn Restaurants


1. I’ve heard about Egg but haven’t eaten there. I checked the menu and it looks delicious…its a bit of a trek by train but absolutely doable. Also, they serve breakfast every morning which is a plus.

2. I really love Prune for brunch. I think its super special because they provide a variety of bloody mary’s and have a few menu items that are not typically on a brunch menu. Im also a huge fan of Gabrielle Hamilton and love everything she creates! It takes about 45 mins to get there. The downside is they only serve brunch Sat and Sun 10:30 am until 3:30pm…also, get there early because you will definitely have to wait.

3. Parkette is a nice neighborhood coffee shop located on 5th ave and 40th str diagonal from Sunset Park. If you sit at the window you get a nice view of the park.

4. Mile End is great because it offers breakfast style food all day as well as lunch items! I love the menu here! They are known for their smoked meats (which they smoke themselves) Mile End is part of a Jewish neighborhood in Montreal and so the “deli” reflects that! Id say eat at the one in Brooklyn since its their first location and brings a lot of charm in a small space.

5. I love bagels from H&L bagels in Bay Ridge. Its up on 3rd ave and 88th str. (next door to Chadwicks) Grab a bagel toasted with butter or cream cheese, coffee and take a walk down to shore road to hang out by the shore line. I like the bagels because they are fresh and made on premises. If your guests are unable to get up to Bay Ridge, Brownstone Bagels on Union and 4th ave make bagels on premises as well. Also Bagel Pub on 5th ave and 9th str. Of Russ and Daughters is another unforgettable experience since they are an institution in NYC selling bagels and smoked lox and other delicious herrings and caviers…might be expensive but worth it!


1. I’ve been to Robertas and think the pizza is great! However, the pizza industry has really taken off and you can eat at equally delicious if not better pizza competitors in Brooklyn (and easier to get to)

a. Emily

b. Pizza Moto

Even closer is Giuseppin’s which is located on 6th ave btwn 20th and 21st street. They dont have a website but if you google the name you’ll get all the info you need. These are the same owners as Lucali which is a super known pizzeria only open for 4hrs everyday. Lucali is located on Henry str.

I’ve been to all of these and absolutely love all of them!

For a classic Brooklyn slice you can’t go wrong with Johnny’s Pizza, Pizza Wagon, or Cotta Bene (right next door to Baba’s Pierogies)

2. Baba’s Pierogies is not only the only restaurant of its kind, it is brand new on the restaurant scene! All pierogies are handmade to order per order, nothing frozen. The menu is really special and customers always leave happy! A very good find!

3. Nostro Ristorante is a family owned Italian Restaurant that blows all other places out of the water! A husband and his wife opened up not even a year ago and they specialize in handmade pastas. Bob and I go there twice a month. Really really good. 22nd street and 5th ave.

4. Butterfunk Kitchen: I haven’t eaten here yet but my friend has multiple times and raves about it! Its southern cooking and the menu looks amazing. I believe the head chef/owner was also on a food competition broadcasted on TV. Also, this restaurant is in Brooklyn!


1. Ample Hills Ice cream is a must must must…Brooklyn born and raised mom and pop shop turned super stars in the food world!

2. Big Gay Ice Cream serves only soft serve ice cream and it is so damn good

3.Little Cupcake Bakeshop – Yummy cakes and cupcakes…you cant go wrong. Bob’s favorite is the Brooklyn Blackout Cake. Its worth it!

OH MAN! I could keep going!!!!! So many wonderful places to eat and drink..which reminds me…


1. Grand Army: Excellent cocktail bar which also has a raw bar so you can order so oysters at the bar and watch some really professional mixologists make you a specialty drink. One of the owners occasionally bartends and is well-known in the cocktail world.

2. Leyenda: Another excellent place if you love Mezcal. The owner occasionally makes drinks behind the bar and has won the highest awards in the cocktail world.

3. Dirty Precious: 3rd ave and 1st street excellent drinks and wine menu The owner is usually there. The space is really beautiful. Only about 6 months old.