Getting around

The subway is the best way to get around but there are buses. The subway is safe to take at any time of day. There is a general map of the New York City subway system (New York City Transit Authority) hanging on the wall framed near the kitchen. We have left a subway map in the apartment that you can take. Metro cards are the method of payment for the subway, and can be purchased from machines in subway stations. The cost of a subway ride is $2.75 per trip per person. Depending on the amount of your metro card purchase you get a small discount.  They have reduced the number of actual clerks at stations but you many find one at the 59th Street station which is the station you will most likely be using. The 59th street subway station is located at 4th Avenue and 59th Street. Our house is located on 56th Street between 4th and 5th avenues.

The N train is the express train which makes stops at 36th Street, and Barclay’s Center-Atlantic Terminal and then goes over the Manhattan Bridge to Canal Street in Manhattan. Manhattan’s Chinatown and what’s left of Little Italy is located in the Canal street vicinity. The R train which you can also board at 59th street is a local train making many more stops and goes from Sunset Park where we are located through lower Park Slope into downtown Brooklyn. If you get off at Court Street you are in the Civic Center area of Brooklyn, and you have access to the Promenade at the end of Montague Street (great views of downtown Manhattan) and the new Brooklyn Bridge Park which is an ongoing project. The park can be accessed by going down Joralemon Street which leads you under the Belt Parkway. The R will take you to the tip of lower Manhattan (the Battery, Wall Street, Fulton and Brooklyn Bridge) if you do not get off at or before Court Street. You also can walk from downtown Brooklyn into downtown Manhattan over the Brooklyn, Bridge. You can take the N to Barclay’s Center/Atlantic Terminal and transfer across the platform to the R.  Barclay’s center is also a transfer point where you can transfer to the number 4 and 5 trains which take you up the east side of Manhattan and the number 2 and 3 trains which take you up the west side of Manhattan.

An aid to getting around on the subway and other mass transportation in New York go to the following website:, and download the MTA TripPlanner+ to your phone or tablet. This will give you 3 different ways to get to where you want to go in the city together with travel time for each itinerary.